Pommes Qualité Québec: a guarantee of home-grown freshness

Twenty years ago, apple producers and packagers joined forces to make sure all apples produced in Quebec and sold in grocery stores met strict quality standards. That’s when the Pommes Qualité Québec logo started popping up on bags, containers and stickers.

Now, when you see this logo, you know it’s a guarantee of quality and freshness. That’s because all apples from Quebec orchards have been rigorously inspected to ensure they meet the highest possible standards.

This logo comes in handy when you shop because you can make sure you’re buying home-grown apples. You may not be aware that one in every two apples in our grocery stores is not grown in Quebec, even though we’re an apple-growing powerhouse.

There’s a crisp Quebec apple for every taste and every kitchen, year round!


Pommes Qualité Québec means…

  • Over 12 varieties
  • 4 varieties available year round
  • Over 1,800 lots of apples inspected annually: that’s almost 2,000 tons of apples
  • Approximately 300 million apples sold every year


Do you know our main varieties?

  • Cortland: Crisp, medium acid, sweet and aromatic
  • Empire: Crisp, juicy, low acid, sweet and aromatic
  • Spartan: Crunchy, low acid, some sweetness and aromatic
  • McIntosh: Crunchy, juicy, medium acid, medium-sweet and aromatic


Storage tips:

The best way to store apples is in the crisper drawer in the fridge, loose or in their original bag.  This keeps them firm and tasty and prevents them from becoming « mealy. » Apples soften ten times faster at room temperature. Cooking apples is also a great way to preserve them.



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